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Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Legal Nurse Consultant
Certified Medical Examiner for Department of Transportation
  (T) 772-532-2204
"I can help you with your medically related cases." 
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My name is Rebecca Mines Paschall.  As a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (ARNP-BC) and a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC®), I am committed to achieving distinction within my field. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to me. Therefore, I run my business based on two principles: Integrity and Excellence.  I am highly motivated to assist both plaintiff and defense attorneys to develop powerful strategies and yield successful outcomes in their medically related cases.  


As a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a Masters Degree in Nursing and fifteen years of clinical experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner, I can review a pediatric or adult medical case very economically.  My analysis of the medical records will be more broad based and in greater depth because of my dual nursing and primary care provider prospective.  


Since I am a clinically active health care provider working in primary care, I can determine whether evidence-based diagnostic evaluation and treatment protocols have been followed. Additionally, I have advanced skills in Occupational Medicine and have completed training to become a Certified Medical Examiner for the Federal Department of Transportation.  My knowledge of proper documentation in both Electronic Medical Records and Paper charts, allows me to know what is missing and identify possible tampering.


Given my diverse clinical background, I am uniquely qualified to serve as a consulting and testifying expert for cases involving a nurse practitioner, since neither an RN, nor MD can fully attest to nurse practitioner standards of care.  I have the ability to analyze a case to determine whether there has been a deviation from Nurse Practitioner Standards of Care. This is a valuable service that physicians alone cannot deliver. 


As an alumnus of Johns Hopkins University, I am part of the legacy of exceptional nurses who have come from an institution whose quality and caliber of medical training and education is unparalleled. The Nursing program at Johns Hopkins prepares nurses to become leaders and shapes Nurse Practitioners to advance the science of nursing and health care. Their intensive program gave me a solid foundation in evidence-based practice, strong leadership skills and a commitment to lifelong learning.

With my Board Certification in Family Practice, I provide superior quality services. This distinction gives me access to unlimited consulting mentors, clinical experts and academic leaders. 


The "Hopkins Nurse" and the Hopkins brand are at the forefront of advancement and innovation. You can be 100% confident that I can reliably provide your legal team with an array of comprehensive and cost effective work products tailored to meet your needs, budget and deadlines. Independent consulting utilizes both my communication and research skills, as well as my extensive medical training and nursing education. Establishing Paschall Medical Legal Consulting, has enabled me to continue to educate and empower patients and colleagues.



Nurse Practitioner Standards of Care for Family Practice


Nurse Practitioner  Standards of Care for Urgent Care


Nurse Practitioner Standards of Care for Care for Community Health


Nurse Practitioner Standards of Care for Home Care


Workers Compensation and Occupational Medicine


Personal Injury


Outpatient Ocular Surgery


Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices






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