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 Key Services Provided


Screen and evaluate cases for merit.


Organize, analyze and summarize medical records.


Define applicable standards of care and determine adherances to and deviations from standards of care.


Translate medical records and provide chronological timelines, narrative and summation reports.


Identify injuries, past medical history, current medical conditions and relevant findings.


Conduct advanced literature search and provide evidence-based medical research in support of findings.


Locate, screen, interview and prepare expert witnesses.


Prepare and interpret interrogatory and deposition questions and answers.


Assist with exhibit preparation.


Attend Independent Medical Exams. 

What is a CLNC®?

A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant , CLNC® is a registered nurse who has completed an intensive educational program administered by the Vickie Milazzo Institute and passed the national certification exam. The coveted CLNC® certification, official certification of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC®) attests to the attainment of specialized knowledge necessary to successfully consult on medically-related cases.  Having a CLNC® on your legal team assures that the clinical argument is clearly navigated and the court's frustrations are avoided.


"Rebecca is an individual of impeccable character.  As a Family Physician in solo practice I sought a clinically astute, caring and hardworking individual with whom to share the work load and expand my practice. Rebecca has met and exceeded those expectations. She takes her role as medical provider and patient advocate very seriously.  I respect her capabilities as a medical professional and regard her as the finest physician extender I have ever had the privilege with which to work."

                                  Andre Vendryes, MD, Vero Beach, Florida


"When I started out as a malpractice attorney, I did all the laborius work of trying to learn medicine and nursing myself. As my practice grew, I relied on medical doctors as consultants, and frankly, they aren't very good educators. Vickie Milazzo's training of her CLNC® consultants is unparalleled-the gold standard of the legal nurse consulting profession. No legal assistant would be aware of the latest healthcare issues and understand how they apply to my cases. No one else can do what they do to save me time and money in preparing medical-related cases."


                                 Andrew L. Todesco, JD, Houston, Texas

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